Friday, April 11, 2008

Meeting David Wilson – Race Issues in America

Tonight on MSNBC they will be airing a Documentary called “Meeting David Wilson”. It is the true story of two David Wilsons.

The first David Wilson is a 28-year-old man of African American descent who grew up in a rough area of Newark, New Jersey. David Wilson beat the odds and he managed to land a job in the news industry in New York City. I say, “beat the odds”, not because I think he managed this by sheer luck. I say this because I believe that even if an African American works hard to get to get a great job he is still, even in 2008, even in the United States of America, needs to work harder and smarted than a white man would to accomplish the same achievements.

The second David Wilson is from rural North Carolina. He is 62 years of age. He is white. His ancestors farmed tobacco in Caswell County. He does not farm tobacco. (I am glad to hear that. I look forward to the day when no one farms that wicked weed.) This David Wilson is in the restaurant business and runs a chain of BBQ restaurants.

These 2 men who share a name had never met, until recently. Then David Wilson age 28 living in New York City decided to do some research into his roots. The research showed, as is often the case with African American in America, that his ancestors were slaves. Further research lead him to discover the second David Wilson age 62, in North Carolina. Seems that the David in North Carolina is descended from the people who owned the other David’s ancestors.

After MSNBC airs “Meeting David Wilson” they will be airing a discussion on the documentary and race issues in America. NBC Anchor Brain Williams will anchor the 90-minute discussion, broadcasted from Howard University. There will be several prominent people speaking Rev. Deforest Soaries, a republican activist; Michael Dyson, a Georgetown University Professor; Tom Joyner, a radio talk show host; and Malaak Compton-Rock and entrepreneur and wife of comedian Chris Rock. I hope they let the audience participate as well.

I am looking forward to watching this show tonight. I have been fascinated with the recent discussions on race relations in America. I was delighted with Barack Obama’s speech on March 18, 2008 regarding Race relations in the United States. I think it is amazing the discussions that are beginning to take place.

So watch the show tonight. Cogitate on it. I look forward to the discussion.


Family Adventure said...

Hi Anne,
Being out of the US, I won't be able to see that program, though it does sound very interesting. I'll be back to check out people's comments.

BTW, I love the little intro on your sidebar. Very poignant.

Heidi said...

Hello! Hello!

I am happy to be one of the first visitors to your new blog! {waving hello}

I saw the documentary last night and it was interesting. I also watched the discussion following it that was broadcast live from Howard University. I think that the panel discussion was too disjointed and there were too many panelists that were not well-versed on the problems of race. (Chris Rock's wife, the police chief of Washington, D.C., the radio personality Tom Joyner, some filmaker Cathy Turner stand out as being uninformed.)

It is difficult to discuss the impact of slavery unless there is also a conversation about the existence of white supremacist patriarchal structures that maintain society inequity. The problem is that no one wants to discuss that white supremacy or white privilege exists in America - or discuss how it impacts other races over the course of generations.

Ok...I'll climb off my soapbox now!

I started my blog last month and it's a blast - but it takes way more time than I ever imagined it would. My blog is all about black women and black issues and being black. Stop on by sometimes, and enjoy the one-sideness of it all! *LOL*

Best wishes in your blogging pursuits and thanks for letting me BLOW THE TRUMPET! (smile)