Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson & Officer Lazarus... Are these really "Miracles"

Lately the work miracle has been tossed around quite a bit.

First the plane that crashed in New York's Hudson River.

Then today I saw a new report on a Police Officer in South Carolina who suffered a heart attack and first declared dead by emergency workers only to have another say she felt a faint pulse and he was actually alive.

I believe in God and I think he can perform miracles but how about giving the humans involved a bit of the credit!

The pilot of the plane, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, has logged thousands of hours flying and has probably spent thousands of hours studying and practicing in flight simulators. It was his job and he worked hard to be the best he could be doing it. He accepted the resposibility and did not shirk his responsibility. He was the last one off the plane.

The Nurse or EMT who double checked the pulse of Ken Kirby after he was declared dead also spent alot of time and effort to become educated and trained. It was her job to help people and to make sure the correct diagnosis was made. Perhaps she hesitated when she felt the pulse... wondered if she should just agree with her peers... but no, she insisted she felt the pulse and it was the right call. She accepted responsibility. She did her job.

These are everyday heros that we should teach out children to admire. The Banking and Investment Brokers who let us all down by selling investments they did not understand or sometimes even knew were risky should take a lesson from them.

There is honor in all work no matter what the pay if you work hard and do your best.

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Amreen said...

I agree with you. I believe in miracles, no doubt. However, i also believe in the power of people and humanity. great post!