Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reids comments on Barak Obama or the Green Revolution... What should we really be paying attention to?

So it's Sunday and I'm watching all the Sunday shows and it seems that not one of them can ignore the comments by Harry Reid about Barak Obama's race and how it would effect his chances of becoming president. No one seems to be commenting on how this is really OLD news. The president himself would rather move on to more important things. But the mainstream media is fixated.

This is what I call a shiny object. Something that we are paying attention to that is diverting our attention from something else we should be really concerned about. Often it is diverting our attention from MANY things we should really be paying attention to. Health care reform, the deficit, the war on terror, what's going on in world news that rarely gets covered in the main stream media, these are all things that are more important and deserve more media air time than Harry Reids comments.

I'm mention one this morning that you should maybe spend a bit of time checking out. Thomas Friedman's excellent commentary on the China and The Green Revolution. Here is the opening sentence to his commentary "Who's Sleeping Now" in yesterday's NY Times :

C. H. Tung, the first Chinese-appointed chief executive of Hong Kong after the handover in 1997, offered me a three-sentence summary the other day of China’s modern economic history: “China was asleep during the Industrial Revolution. She was just waking during the Information Technology Revolution. She intends to participate fully in the Green Revolution.”

Okie dokie then.... Let's cogitate on that for a moment...

Later in the article Mr. Friedman refers to an email from Bill Gross, who runs eSolar, a promising California solar-thermal start-up:

On Saturday, in Beijing, said Gross, he announced “the biggest solar-thermal deal ever. It’s a 2 gigawatt, $5 billion deal to build plants in China using our California-based technology. China is being even more aggressive than the U.S. We applied for a [U.S. Department of Energy] loan for a 92 megawatt project in New Mexico, and in less time than it took them to do stage 1 of the application review, China signs, approves, and is ready to begin construction this year on a 20 times bigger project!”

*Sigh* Suddenly I see the appeal in a one party system. Not saying we should switch but it is interesting how quickly they can get things done. The U.S. seems to be a slow moving dinosaur in the Green Revolution. If we don't get up off the mat soon we're going to get our clock cleaned.

America is indeed a great country. But we are NOT the best at everything... UNLESS we choose to be. We can not just sit and expect that it will come. we need better schools, we need more scientists, we need to do away with the "Drill Baby Drill!" mentality and look to the future. We need to plan our path towards growth and prosperity.

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