Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Suddenly... a Vision of Loveliness in White Chiffon

All of a sudden today I got an email from someone who attended my Mom's memorial service.

It made me smile... so here it is:

Hello, Ann. I just wanted to say thanks again for the warm memorial afternoon. I was glad we could have a Chelsea YC table.

I thought I should explain my entry in the guest book, which went something like, "A vision of loveliness in white chiffon." The year was 1986. The late Bob Yacavonis was the Commodore, and it was the second of my 20 years as Secretary. Bob wanted to give the place a little class, and to this end devised an evening of wine and crepes. He obtained a string trio, possibly from one of the local colleges, to provide the music and rounded up some of us officers and friends to make and serve the crepes and wine. Somehow, he roped your Mom into this. It was a lovely, but warm, July evening. The trio played on the gazebo while members gathered about the picnic tables in the shade. The cooks, meantime, were jammed into the then tiny kitchen. So there we were, the men all dressed up our whites and Club ties, the women in their best cocktail dresses, and all of us sweating bullets over hot crepe makers.

The beads of perspiration have faded with time, and so I'll always remember your Mom as that vision of loveliness in white chiffon.

Best regards,

Barry Meehan, CYC Commodore 2008 (and one-time crepe maker)

How sweet is that. My Mom sure knew how to class up a joint!

Photo of Mom and Dad at Chelsea Yacht Club on the Hudson River

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