Monday, September 15, 2008

Walking the Talk...

Today I am relaunching my diet. When my Mom got sick my world got a lot out of wack. I had done very well on the South Beach Diet getting my weight down almost 40 pounds! But when my Mom got sick I reverted to my old way. Why not eat that whole container of Ben and Jerry's? Maybe we should all enjoy what we can while we can and worry later? Well that's just fine if you're going to die in 6 months but I'm NOT. I need these organs, bones, muscles etc. to work for me a lot longer than 6 months! So today I started up again.

I like the South Beach Diet. I don't feel like I am not allowed to eat. I just have to be very careful for 2 weeks about what I eat. Then I have to be less careful for a while till I loose all I want to loose. Then I just have to eat healthy food most of the time and I'll be just fine.

I like eating green veggies but I do miss potatoes... oh how I miss potatoes... Boiled, mashed, baked, fried how I love my potatoes. I'm an Irish girl you know. I don't feel the same longing for bread or rice. Unless it is warm fresh baked bread.

Something else wonderful happened to me today. I walked to my local grocery store. It saved some petrol and burned some calories all at the same time. I had to carry the groceries home, so I had to carefully plan what I was buying. It made it much easier to say NO to the bad stuff. It even makes it easier to say no to the bad stuff my son and husband want. "Sorry dear... I just don't have the room in my bag for chips." "Ice cream is very heavy and will melt on the way home!"

To keep me honest I am going to occasionally post my actual weight here on this blog. Shocking I know! I am doing this because I find it useful to be accountable to someone. So here it is. 183.5 pounds - 8:00am - Monday September 15.

Many people do not think I look like I weigh that much. That's nice... but I do... and it is NOT healthy for me to weigh that much. My paternal grandmother was built just like me and she developed diabetes as she aged. I can easily see that happening to me. I don't mind the occasional flu shot, but I don't want to have to give myself a daily shot of insulin if I can prevent that.

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CJ said...

You Go Girl! Setting the best of examples for all of us. Bikini bod again for Summer 2009!!!