Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been my Mom's 66th Birthday. So in the hustle and bustle of the Halloween celebrations I pause and think of her a bit.

Her favorite cake to have on her Birthday was a chocolate cake with white butter cream icing.

She loved to dabble in spells.

Just after her cancer arrived my son and I discovered KIVA and introduced the concept to her. She loved the idea of lending to women around the world. She enjoyed reading their stories and imagining the ways in which her small contribution might make a big difference in their lives.

So, yesterday and today in Honor of Mom I broke my diet and had some chocolate cake with white icing.

Did my own little secret ritual to honor her.

And reinvested some of her KIVA loan money that had been accumulating.

When you loan money through KIVA it comes back to you! You can then reloan it. When Mom passed away I decided I would continue her account in her memory.

To see Mom's Page you can visit

You will be able to read about the women she has lent money to and how those women are using that money to change lives. Maybe you'll be inspired to start loaning as well.

Happy Birthday Mom! Wish you were here! XXOOO

3 comments: said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom Anne! What a loving tribute - will be thinking of you today.

Haley-O said...

Oh wow, I can TASTE that cake. It looks AMAZING. What a beautiful post for your mom. And, what a special, magical woman.

Halloween is the perfect time to honour those who have passed. So, beautiful...!


Amreen said...

that's a lovely post. my mom would have been 62 this year - i too wish she were here with me to have her cake. You're doing a fantastic job of continuing your mom's legacy of generosity and love.